Founded in 2001, Raub Brock Capital Management provides a full range of investment and wealth management services, with a focus on the preservation and steady growth of capital entrusted to our management. Assets are held by Charles Schwab or another independent qualified custodian, providing security, confidence and peace of mind.

Raub Brock's success is due to our commitment to advocacy for our clients. We do not sell or promote any investment or insurance product, but rather advise our clients to invest in the products or securities most advantageous for their situation.

We believe our disciplined investment approach and investment models are unsurpassed in their rigor and academic theory. Our time-tested investment approach has benefited our clients through the most challenging market environments. In concert with a philosophy of managing in a risk-reducing manner, our clients' portfolios have demonstrated excellence in returns and resilience.

Our clients bring a number of common themes and issues. Achieving and enjoying financial independence, arranging for lifetime income, planning and protecting inheritances, or selling a business and maximizing corporate retirement opportunities are but a few of the issues we work on for our clients. We provide a coordinated approach to achieving a client's financial objectives by integrating financial planning and investment management.

We serve a nationwide clientele with whom we build lifetime relationships.

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To see if our approach is right for you, please review our Disciplined Wealth Process. The Disciplined Wealth Process is a continuous and dynamic approach to financial management that will help you protect and grow your wealth, achieve your goals, and attain peace of mind.

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