From the client's Investment Policy Statement, Raub Brock Capital Management builds a customized portfolio specific to each client that is separately managed to match the client's objectives.

Customized portfolios are a blend of our core institutional equity strategy and a selection of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, real estate investment trusts and publicly traded limited partnerships to achieve portfolio exposure in specific asset classes, such as foreign and emerging market stocks and alternative assets.

The defensive portion of our portfolios is invested in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds investing in intermediate term investment grade and government securities. Other fixed income mutual funds and exchange-traded funds investing in areas such as foreign bonds, high-yield bonds and inflation-protected securities may also be used to supplement income or to enhance total returns.

Our disciplined research and analysis is applied across all asset classes, resulting in globally diversified portfolios with favorable risk characteristics.

Our goal is to construct globally diversified, multi-asset-class portfolios that will harness the wealth-creating power of global capital markets.

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To see if our approach is right for you, please review our Disciplined Wealth Process. The Disciplined Wealth Process is a continuous and dynamic approach to financial management that will help you protect and grow your wealth, achieve your goals, and attain peace of mind.

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