A Continuous and Dynamic Process

Successful long-term investment management goes well beyond allocating assets into different investments. It encompasses an entire process that includes in-depth assessment, thoughtful and personalized planning, and ongoing analysis and reporting. We employ a continuous and dynamic wealth management process to help ensure that our approach continually aligns with each client's evolving goals.

1. Discovery Session

Our Discovery Session is private and confidential, at no charge or obligation. It will help you evaluate Raub Brock — our values, methods and services, as well as clarify strengths and weaknesses of your current investment program.

The Discovery Session will allow Raub Brock to...

  • Understand where you stand and where you want to go
  • Identify opportunities to align your investments with your needs and goals
  • Increase confidence that your assets will meet future needs
  • Discuss planning services and needs such as tax-efficiency, real estate, estate preservation, the effective use of trusts and retirement plans
2. Wealth Assessment

The Disciplined Wealth Process provides a comprehensive assessment of your current financial situation, including...

  • Investment objectives
  • Income needs
  • Tax impact
  • Other family and personal considerations

Consistent, reliable methods are used for evaluating...

  • Your personal investment profile
  • Your tolerance for market losses
  • An appropriate asset allocation model with adequate diversification

Working together, we create a custom plan of action for...

  • Using our wealth management experience, skills and resources
  • Arranging your lifetime income
  • Helping you access or coordinate other professionals such as attorneys and CPAs
  • Working on your behalf, with full fiduciary accountability
3. Strategy Definition

The Value of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

An IPS is a clear, concise, confidential document that...

  • Describes your financial circumstances and resources
  • Identifies your needs and goals
  • Defines an investment strategy to help you achieve them

To create your IPS, we must understand what is most important in terms of...

  • Your life and family relationships
  • Your financial priorities and values
  • Your resources, obligations, goals and dreams

The IPS forms an agreement between you and Raub Brock in which...

  • We commit to follow the asset allocation model and strategy defined
  • You agree to notify us about any changes in your circumstances or objectives
  • Modifications and adjustments are made and documented over time

Raub Brock Asset Allocation Models

Each model is divided between...

  • Growth Assets with appreciation potential over time
  • Defensive Assets for capital preservation and income
  • Your Wealth Assessment will help to determine the most suitable, comfortable model

We offer five models, each with a different targeted level of risk and return potential

4. Portfolio Implementation

For each model, Growth and Defensive assets are allocated among:

  • Core Assets, designed for strategic long-term investing (low turnover)
  • Satellite Assets, designed for tactical, market-driven opportunities

Net investment return is determined by the portfolio performance after fees, expenses and taxes. Separate accounts have more flexibility to manage assets for cost- and tax-efficiency than alternative structures, such as mutual funds or hedge funds. You don't have to pay taxes based on other investors' gains — just your own. Our commitment to long-term, low-turnover Core positions helps to minimize tax impact. We achieve economies by placing trades through our internal trading desk. We integrate low-basis securities into your portfolio.

5. Communications & Reporting

Client Communications

  • Informative website and quarterly newsletter
  • Responsive answers to questions or requests
  • Continuing efforts to involve and educate clients to help them better understand markets, the economy and their investments
  • Assets are held in client name, in custody, at Charles Schwab
  • All trades are confirmed (paper or electronic, your choice)
  • Schwab provides year-end tax detail for your CPA or tax preparer

Raub Brock provides

  • Quarterly performance summaries of holdings and asset allocations
  • Annual account summaries of contributions, withdrawals, appreciation, fees and expenses, and time-weighted returns vs. benchmarks
  • Clear and complete tax basis information for your CPA

Custody by Charles Schwab

  • Positions are held in a brokerage account in your name at Charles Schwab; they are not pooled with other investors' assets
  • Full transparency 24/7 — positions and values are accessible throughout the trading day and at night via Schwab's website and toll-free telephone service

Charles Schwab has been in business since the 1970s and has earned the trust of more than 5,000 Registered Investment Advisers and their clients. Schwab custodies over $500 billion in client assets, more than the next five largest custodians combined.

6. Reviews & Adjustments

Why Investment Strategies May Change Over Time

  • You may grow more cautious (or aggressive) at different times in your life
  • You may earn or inherit a substantial amount of money
  • You may need more liquidity or income from your investments
  • You may reach one of life's milestones, such as retirement
  • Your feelings about the market or risk may change

A Raub Brock principal meets with each client at least annually to review results and discuss any adjustments, requested or warranted.

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